Zathras Laurenthal

JC's Character- Eladrine War Wizard


Zathras stands some 5’9" in height. His red hair and green eyes belie his Eladrin origins. His gold skin is only broken by a black tattoo on his right cheek (the symbol of the house of Laurenthal).

He is dressed in an eladrin longcoat…he carries his longsword across his back…

1,750 xp


His name is Zathras Laurenthal.

For centuries the house of Laurenthal has produced some of the most powerful and skilled Elandrin war wizards and swordmages; many have served in the defense of our people, while others have chosen to teach their skills to others as arcane instructors.

One exception was Laertes Laurenthal, Grandfather to Zathras. After he finished his time as a soldier, he became an explorer and adventurer. Many was the time that Laertes would return from an adventure, and would fill Zathras’ head with visions of battling monsters and searching ancient ruins. It was these stories in fact, that led Zathras to want to become an explorer himself.

One day however, Laertes left on another adventure…..but never returned.

As soon as Zathras came of the age of manhood, he left his home, with 2 goals to accomplish; to find out what happened to his grandfather, and to reclaim Wildwind – the family sword of the Laurenthals, lost with Laertes.

Zathras Laurenthal

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