Human Monk


My name is Madelyn but everyone around here calls me pip squeak. I’m a beggar and a pick pocket and I’m the best. There ain’t no one better. The thieves guild says they take care of me and take most of my money. But I don’t need them to take care of me. I can take care of myself. That’s what poppa used to say. At least that’s what I think he did. I can’t remember much before the fire. I know I had parents and something happened and then I didn’t have them anymore. But they didn’t die. They just went away with some people. And I got to stay with miss Suzie and the other kids. Miss Suzie took care of me and taught me how to how to look real sad when begging and how to pick pockets and how to run fast.

Eventually some men came and took all the pretty girls for something and they were going to take me but Miss Suzie stopped them telling them I was worth more picking pockets then where they were going to bring me. They left me alone and I promised Miss Suzie that I would try real hard. And my first day all on my own I brought back a lot of money. She was very happy with me and told me I was a good girl. Every day I would bring back my earnings and she would smile at me and tell me I was a good girl. Then one day she was sick with fever and she told me she couldn’t look after me no more. And I should try to do something else. So I said okay and she went to sleep but never woke up. I was very sad and didn’t do anything for a week after. I did make a lot of friends in the guild and they all tried to help me.

I did some box work but I didn’t have the patience for it. I tried burglary and I was really good at it but after climbing through a window really late one night I found where the girls went when they were taken from Miss Suzie and I didn’t have the stomach for climbing through any more windows. I even did some work for a loan shark but the clients protested when they got their ass kicked and fingers broken by a girl. Buch of freaking pansies. So right now I just work for the Guild Tavern the Dragon’s Inn waiting tables until something comes up.

I overheard the boss talking to Shiv the smelly Half Orc bouncer about a job in a poor farming community called Winterhaven. He had to watch some elf called Ninarian and if this elf got a pay off then he had to be killed. I never had to kill nobody but if he was a traitor to the guild I think I could. He then had to pick up some statue from someplace. I don’t really remember. Not that it matters when I get to Winterhaven I can team up with Shiv to get the job done. And if he won’ well then I’ll just pick his pockets to get the scroll and do the job myself.


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