Duff's Character Elven Cleric


My name is simply Lucian humble cleric of Bahamut. I was once Lord Lucian Peregrine hand of Bahamut. That was my vanity and in that vanity I have committed great atrocities I thought I knew what was right and just, but in my quest for justice I forgot to look at the circumstances of the injustice. I forgot to protect and to Forster hope. I have killed, maimed and destroyed lives while invoking Bahamut’s name and power. Every day getting more and more fanatic and more delusional. I have taken hands of children who stole, not stopping to see that it was because they were starving. I have killed men who have escaped the law, not seeing it was because he refused to pay for protection.

It was my most recent judgment that has changed every thing. I found a small farming village were the mayor and several others were evil and follows of evil gods. I will not get into the smaller details mostly because I didn’t bother to find them. I assumed if they were evil then all were evil. It was at that point I destroyed every man, woman, and child. I still hear the screams in my sleep. At that instant I thought I was in the right. When a man with platinum hear and gold eyes walked from the village and stuck me to the ground with a word. I felt his power and realized it was Bahamut himself. He was not praising me as I was expecting but condemning me. He brought to light the misjudgments I have made and the lack of vision I used. He told me that to take my life would waist the lives I have destroyed. I have a destiny and he was going to make sure I forfilled that destiny. He has instructed me to do no harm, to become a pacifist and heal lives not take them. I asked if he would remove my abilities to cast down the evil that walks the world and he explained that the greater test would be to not take the power and have me resist its use. I am to serve life and help others fight the battle of evil not take a direct hand. I should stand in the heat of battle surrounded by the evil and weaken the foes and strengthen my allies.

I accepted my penance and live each day helping those I encounter spreading hope and protection. I try to point out the true justice to those that seek guidance. Now I am human and Bahamut is compassionate he knew this was not so easy for me to just do. I had to learn and grow. The first few days took some time and I know I was being watched since Bahamut did not answer my prayers a few times I got out of control. I have grown much in the last year I have started my penance and at times I have slipped and Bahamut has let me slip. For how would I learn to walk if I did not fall. I have joined many adventures who were seeking to fight the things that go bump in the night. I also feel I have chosen wisely to avoid those who’s only goal was money and power. I feel I am starting to see the true soul of people and not to look at their surface deeds.

I have recently came to a small town named Winterhaven and have heard of a group that have fought a group of kobolds who was endangering the town. This group is a rag tag group of young adventures but they seem to be good and honest. I would like to see if I could help them on their quests.


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