Ken's Character - Half-Orc Wizard


Written by Troy for Ken
Shiv is the son of an orc warlord, he was one of 15. After an order to do so, all the sons began slaughtering one another. Shiv was the last remaining, or so he thought.

After Shiv was announced as the last surviving heir to your tribe, you both ventured out into the world, to become more skilled, and more rich.

You received a letter from what you thought was the orc warlord’s minion. It turned out to be a horrible ambush, as JUKO (another one of the orc warlord’s sons, believed to be dead) attacked you on your way back to the tribe. JUKO was present, but didn’t attack. He left his dirty work to a goblin you later found out to be BALGRON THE FAT. You and BALGRON had a tremendous battle, but you were outskilled in the ways of the blade.

As you laid on the ground, not sure where the blood ended, and the ground began, you felt the sweet embrace of death breathing on your neck. Knowing that Shiv is much weaker without you, Clobba, they figured to separate you both, and do the job individually.

What felt like an eternity on that cold, dirty ground had passed before a young wizard by the name REIKO had discovered your bloodied body on the side of the road. She nursed you back to health in hope to have you as an indentured servant for some time.

She very quickly noticed great potential in your ability to learn, especially when learning magic. She taught you in the ways of wizardy as her apprentice, and very quickly you learned to better defend yourself with magic, instead of with brute force.

REIKO has informed you that Shiv is on his way to meet his ambush with BALGRON THE FAT near the city of WINTERHAVEN. Though unaware of the exact details of BALGRON’s plan, your friend is nevertheless in danger.

You arrive at the city of Winterhaven, but the gates are closed during your night time arrival. You camp nearby, and awake to the sounds of screaming as you see a man in purple robes down the road engulfed in flames. Behind him, you see Shiv, and in front of them you see several small, brown skinned creatures with clawed feet ready to spring a trap.

Now, the only question is, can you make it in time to help Shiv with these pesky creatures, AND in time to warn him of the coming ambush with BALGRON?

Good luck adventurer. You will need it.


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