Bjorn Eisenhammer

Frank's Character - Dwarven Warden


Bjorn is large by dwarven standards standing at 5’1" tall and weighing twice again as much as a human of his height would. He keeps his head shaved and his fire red beard short. He has tribal tattoos covering his arm, chest and even part of his head and face.


Bjorn knew from a young age that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and be a defender of his people. A mighty warden that would stand unbowed before the enemies of his clan. That he would be the anvil upon which his people’s enemies would be broken. Bjorn’s adventures started when he was a young dwarf. Bjorn and another young dwarf named Bodahn were constantly testing their skills against man and beast. Whether out hunting for food for their tribe or fighting off small bands of goblins that would occasionally invade their ancestral territories. Their abilities complimented each other and made up for the other’s weaknesses.

One day young Bjorn had heard that some goblins had been seen near the villages burial ground, Bodahn was nowhere to be found. Rather than waiting Bjorn went to investigate. What greated him was an interesting sight. There amongst the goblins was a young dwarven maiden as beautiful as she was fierce. He stood silent watching the battle admiring her prowess and determination. That is until he noticed an ogre sneaking up on the young warrior. Charging headlong into the fray Bjorn intercepted the ogre, much to the bewilderment of this dwarf girl. It should be noted that after the battle it was not gratitude that Bjorn was met with but scorn and anger. Brunhilde, as he would learn her name to be, demanded to know what in the nine hells Bjorn thought he was doing and stated matter of factly that she had the enemy right where she wanted them and yes that included the ogre. This would be the start of many battles these two would fight both on and off the field. Eventually through quiet perseverance Bjorn won this maiden’s affections. She would become the axe to his shield. Brunhilde and her sister would eventually join with Bjorn and Bodahn on their adventures.

Bjorn would form the bedrock upon which the other three would fight. Always advancing to protect the small group that would eventually become his family. Unlike some of the lesser warriors of this clan Bjorn could call upon the powers of nature to empower himself and hinder their enemies. Eventually their group would be put through their toughest test yet. An orcish horde had invaded their homeland and it fell to them to defeat this enemy. Striking in the early hours of dawn this small group attacked and routed this horde. Returning to their village heroes a huge party was thrown in their honor. It was at this party when another young woman let her feelings for Bjorn be known. Bjorn rebuffed her in his own quiet way, however Brunhilde flew into a rage and beat this girl nearly to death. Feeling guilty over the course of events, Bjorn readily agreed when the clan elders suggested that the young group seek adventure outside of the clan’s territories in order to learn and grow together. Bjorn would see to it that the other’s were safe and would return to the village unharmed. He would defend them and in by doing so would learn to be a better defender for his people, for his homeland.

Bjorn Eisenhammer

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