Ausric Krell

Robbie's Character Human Avenger


The day was warm, a slight breeze drifted through the air. An imposing figure stood on the hillside over looking the Temple of Ioun. The roof of the ancient monastery barely broke through the treetops of the forest. The man’s tunic and cloak, a deep rich purple, fluttered in the wind. The sun shone brightly off of the enormous runic sword strapped to his back. Ausric Krell took a last look at his home, turned and walked away.

Ausric Krell was sent to the monastery when he was but ten years old. A monk came to his door and proclaimed that Ioun has chosen their child to be among Her. He was taken away, never to be seen or heard from again. The Temple of Ioun was a secret monastery hidden deep in the woods, hundreds of miles from any civilization. Ausric was a slender boy, his hair was stark white, a genetic gift from his mother. Life at the monastery was tough, but fair. For this is where the Avengers of Ioun trained. Secret divine warriors who sought out knowledge and wisdom in the name of Ioun. Opposed to them was the evil god Vecna, the Maimed God, who took knowledge for himself were else Ioun’s followers would share this wisdom with the world. Ausric was a bright and caring person, but very vendettive. He kept his Faith above all, in the name of Ioun. His was trained during his early years to the sacred rites of Ioun. To harness the divine power through daily prayers and interventions. Along with his prayers they were taught the use of the two-handed sword, some chose the great sword, others like Ausric chose the Full Blade. A larger version, standing about about six feet and with a blade about a foot wide. The Full Blade did massive damage to foes. Once mastered and combined with the divine powers, Avengers were a powerful adversary.

Ausric took on the rite of initiation, becoming an Avenger of the Goddess Ioun. His training, discipline and his Faith brought him to this day. He was giving his holy symbol and rune blade etched with the prayers of Ioun. The colors of deep purple encircled his body. He was then giving a parchment inside of a scroll tube. He was told to read it before nights end.

That night while on his cot, he opened the scroll and parchment and began to read. It was addressed from his master. About three months ago a man named Douven went on an expedition to an excavation site of a dragons burial ground, hoping find treasure. His has disappeared and his wife is worried. You are to travel to the town of Winterhaven, to investigate, and see if you can find out any information on his where-abouts. This interests us due to the knowledge of what could be found there.

Ausric Krell

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